Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cheerleading Camp!

The AHS cheerleaders put on a fun summer camp for little girls who someday want to be cheerleaders and teach them fun cheers and a cute little cheer dance and they get to perform it at the 1st home football game. This year they learned dances from High School musical 2. This was Halle's 4th year and Faith's 1st (possibly last year!) This year they went with their cousins Paige and Hope who also happen to be their best friends!

Check out naughty Faith and Hope in the back who would not come up forward for the picture. This is how it all started!

We get to the Park and Faith and Hope keep running away and I'm not happy about chasing them down. Finally I grab faith and she is crying because she would rather play on the toys. So I'm upset because I paid for this camp and her t-shirt so I take her t-shirt off put Faith in the car.

I put the t-shirt on Lauren who is happy to go out and play with the cheerleaders and dance around. (she is so cute!) After Faith sees that Lauren is out there dancing to FABULOUS off High School Musical (Faith and Halle love High School Musical and Faith loveloveloves Sharpay) she decides she wants to learn the dance.

At the end of this 1st day Both Halle and Faith got to bring home the spirit sticks. I'm surprised Faith got it...probably because she is so cute. At the end of camp they receive awards and Halle received best dancer award. They were so fun to watch!

A Funny Discovery

We had a Driscoll family reunion that was really fun. Later that evening we played a fun guessing game. We each had to bring a baby picture from home and guess who everyone was. Check out Braden and Luke....


Luke (Isn't it cute that they are doing the exact same pose!)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Dirk!

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my father-in-law Dirk. You are a wonderful person and you have raised amazing kids. I hope you had a great day!!