Friday, June 5, 2009

Isaac's Baby Blessing

We blessed Isaac on Sunday and he looked precious. Braden thought I should have taken off the bonnet but I thought it was cute and you don't see very many boys blessed in them and I like to be different!

Here is my darling Niece holding Isaac. She is so sweet!
Great grandpa and grandma Driscoll

Braden gave a nice blessing and we are so happy Isaac is here and healthy and we can't imagine life without him.


I like Westy said...

Congratulations from the Davis Family! He's adorable, just like the rest of your children. (By the way, I love the little bonnet)

Jorgensen family said...

I had a very similar outfit for Dallas(bonnet and all). Doran wouldn't let me put the bonnet on him:0( I think it's so cute! Isaac is getting big and changing so much and I havent even seen him in real life yet! We need to take the kids swimming.

Lacey Fay Cottrell said...

Oh! Congrats Isaac is so handsome in his blessing outfit!! You look great BTW!! (but that is a given you always look fabulous!!) hope all is well take care